CHW: Culminating at a Crossroads

Ladies and Gents,

Frozen lake in Lapland via Flickr, by Ezioman
Frozen lake in Lapland via Flickr, by Ezioman

It has been a while. In fact, it has been so long that I fear we no longer have time to complete both the Age of Faith essay and the culminating activity (building a museum). Because I feel that both tasks are valuable, I’ve decided to leave the decision-making up to you. Each of you may decide to either write an essay or plan a museum; either way, your assignment will be considered the  culminating activity. Please note that neither option requires additional research. Both options are to be based on content studied in the course; thus, no bibliography is required.

As I introduce your choices to you, I’d like you to consider the following questions; they should help you make a more informed choice:

  1. does your future area of study require that you know how to write an essay effectively?
  2. did you take this course because you hoped it would be interesting (sorry to disappoint), or did you take the course because you plan on studying in the Social Sciences?
  3. do you feel more comfortable expressing yourself through an essay or through a more visual method of presentation?
  4. is the game design option something that interests you? (keep this link in mind:

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