3U: The Nature of Comedy

Today, I want you to begin with the Comedy Checklist. Your goal is to find at least two examples from the play for each section (ex: Purpose and Effect) and add them to your sheet.  Don’t worry if you can’t see connections between every item in each category; the connections will be clearer when we get to the end of the play.

Next, I want you to work in groups of 4 to read/act Act III scenes i-ii. At the end of each scene, please answer the following questions by @IDon’tGetShakespeare, who has kindly allowed me to post his tweets here; in fact, you might want to preview the tweets before you read to give your reading some context.

You may respond in tweet format, or in full sentences; just make sure you write your responses in your notebook or on the device of your choice.

@ENG3U: I don’t get the Church joke in the opening bit of scene i. HELP!

@ENGU3U. I have been trying to grow a beard, which makes me think about line 45. I don’t get why Viola is “almost sick for one”. Arggh!

Hey @ENG3U…what’s up with Viola’s speech at starting at line 56? #WhyDoesThisSoundSoDifferent

Hey @ENG3U I think Olivia’s hitting on Cesario, but I’m not sure…lines 103 to the end of the scene? What do you think?

@ENG3U Sir Andy likes to have fun…why does he want to leave at the beginning of scene ii?!?!?!?

@ENG3U I don’t get the long bits in scene ii. What’s up with this “challenge?”

@ENG3U re: end of scene ii…why all this talk about Malvolio? #schemers



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