3U: Of Bad Music and Bad Poetry

Sometimes, I get this really strange idea in my head that the best way to communicate with my students is through poetry.  I apologize in advance.

Some may wonder “Where did this Pedrech go?”

To learn  Minecraft and Lit Circles 2.0.

Today I’m back, ready for poetic lines,

Not tech, 2.0, or the crafting of mines.

Specifics? Fine. Let’s talk the art of rhyme,

And the ones used in Elizabethan times.

These rhymes aren’t common rhymes, you see

They’re Heroic Couplets, mimicking God’s creativity.

This sounds odd, you think? Well, think on this:

The Heroic Couplet, two rhyming lines,

Ten beats each, alternating to keep time,

Was thought to be the perfect poetic form,

Like God’s perfect words when all things were born.

Will Shakespeare wrote many couplets like these

In his Sonnets and in soliloquies.

(In truth,  speeches ended with rhyming pairs;

The rest was blank verse, which differs a hair

Because his blank verse had two lines, ten beats

But no rhymes of which we can speak.

You wonder why I mention this today?

“The week is at its end; I’m ready to play!”

Might occur to you on Friday, period 6;

Let me throw this query into the mix:

Oh why in Twelfth Night does blank verse appear

Only in some scenes; I find this most queer.

What does this mean? Why does Wil do this to me?

I only wanted some  frivolity.


To solve this problem in which we’re caught,

Let us  see who does rhyme and who does not.

Or, at least, let’s find some good verse that’s blank:

Whether spoke by fools or men that heavily drank.


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  1. Lucier, Rodd says:

    You’re a poet!


    Sent from somewhere out there…

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