CHW: Continuing with the Presentations

Ladies and gents,

I have booked out this lab for you so that you have more time to work on your independent study task. Some things to keep in mind:

  • you need to start working on your annotated bibliographies. In fact, you  will save yourself  tremendous amount of time of you work on them as you research. If you gather all of the info necessary for a bibliography from the onset, you won’t have to return to the site later.
  • I’ve posted the presentation order below. I’ve tried to group topics appropriately
  • Dean, Jared, and Ian, please let Ms. Nash your topic; I’d like her to email your choice to me.

Wednesday December 11th: Viking Day

Vikings: Kyle V-B

Vikings: Riley

Vikings (exploration): Jack

Vikings: Kyle V

Vikings: Dean

Thursday December 12th: South America and Asia

Mayan temples: Blake and Conor

Japanese Myth: Wesley

Mongol Invasion: Seth and David

Mayans/Aztecs: Jesse and Kyle

Crusades: Troy

Monday December 16th: Crusades and the Middle Ages

Templars: Alex M.

Crusades: Andrew

Medieval churches: Angela

Charlemagne: Adrian


Tuesday December 17th: Everything else

Witches: Vanessa

Black Plague: Sarah and Colleen

Venice: Grant

Isabella I: Julia and Emily

Jared: William Wallace


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