3U: This is All a Big Misunderstanding

Today, I want you to identify examples of one of the cornerstones of comedy–misunderstanding–in Twelfth Night. Whether they be in the form of mistaken identities (the movie Date Night, for example) or miscommunication (basically, every romantic comedy ever made), misunderstandings make comedy work.

The steps:

  1. You will form a group of four (I have graciously listed the groups below)
  2. Each member of the group is responsible for finding examples of misunderstanding in one scene from Act I (either ii, iii, iv, or v) and writing these lines and a short description in your notes.
    • You may include
    • misinterpretations  (a character misinterprets another character’s words…think accost)
    • deliberate deception (one character deceives another, or perhaps simply plans to deceive another)
    • misreading events (a character really doesn’t understand what is happening)
  3. Once you have finished, Ms. Nash will use the Instant Star structure to have you share your findings. She is an expert in this teaching structure, so she will gladly explain it to you

In the remaining time, Ms. Nash will have you watch Act II scenes iii and iv (this version mixes the scenes considerably. I’d recommend watching more than reading; thus, don’t use the text as a reference for these scenes.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
scene ii Brooke Delaney Wesley Ashley Braedan
scene iii Mark Jessica Alex M Celina Jesse
scene iv Sarah Shannon Angela Jack Sjaak
scene v Kolton Curtis Merrick Dean Alex

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