2P: Thumb-Wrestling and Bonding

Jane McGonigal @ eTech 2007 by eschipul, via Flickr
Jane McGonigal @ eTech 2007 by eschipul, via Flickr

Ms. Nash will show you this video about Massively Multiplayer Thumb Wrestling. At about 4:15, she will pause the clip and have you attempt MMTW; once you are finished, she will have you watch the remaining minutes of the video.

Why Am I Making You Do This?

  1. Learning a new game (and becoming a Grand Master) is always good
  2. C’mon…who doesn’t like thumb wars?
  3. The bonding Jane refers to in the video is really important. In fact, it may be worthy an activity today…

With a partner, I want you to list the all of the characters you’ve read about in your novel that interact with the protagonist (this will require you to flip through what you’ve read so far and look for names). Once you have listed off the names, answer the following questions (one sentence each) for each character:

  1. How do you know that the protagonist is close (or not so close) to this character?
  2. Was the protagonist ever close to this character? How do you know?
  3. How might a closer relationship with this character change the protagonist?

Any remaining time can be dedicated to reading.


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