2P: A Scrapbook about (insert your protagonist here)

Scrapbook Page by Ceridwen, via Flickr
Scrapbook Page by Ceridwen, via Flickr

We are going to start some early work for the assignment about your novel. The assignment will be a digital scrapbook written from the perspective of your novel’s protagonist.  Today, we will begin with a news article:

  • the news article will be about an event from the sections of the novel you have read so far (your choice)
  • to make things easier, imagine that the journalist (you) is writing the article a week after the event takes place
  • think about the relevant details you will need for this article. Remember that you can’t interview the protagonist, so you will have to rely on what you can find in the article.
  • make sure that you follow the format that Mr. Boles taught you. I want to see how much you can remember.
  • you can consult the rubric for our last article if you’d like a refresher about

Before we begin, however, we need to follow a few steps so I can track your work. Let’s start by having you log in to your email.


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