3U: Twelfth Night Toolkit

Monday 2nd Tuesday 3rd Wednesday 4th Thursday 5th Friday 6th
  • Comedy/Tragedy lecture
  • Act I scenes ii-iv
  • Dodgeball
  • Homework: watch/read Act I scene v
  •  Act II scene i-ii
  • Homework: watch Act II scenes iii-iv
Monday 9th Tuesday 10th Wednesday 11th Thursday 12th Friday 13th
  • Act II scenes ii-iii in class
  • scene iv-v for homework; make sure you watch scene v (very visual)


  • Comedy checklist
  •  Act III scene i-iii


  • Act III scene iv
  • Important lines challenge
  •  Act IV
  •  The Hobbit
  • Assignment work period
Monday 16th Tuesday 17th Wednesday 18th Thursday 19th Friday 20th
 the great line challenge

Acts IV and V

  Assignment work period  Assignment work period  Assignment due at end of class  PD Day

Consider this blog entry your home-base for our Twelfth Night study. You are encouraged to use these resources to reinforce your understanding of plot, character, and theme.

Digital version

This online version is particularly helpful when you are searching for a specific line in the play.

Watch the Play

Some of the scenes in the film do not match the order of scenes in the  play.
Act I Scene II (please note that the opening scene on the boat is not part of the play itself)

Other Interpretations

Check out this version of Act I Scene i, featuring a very modern Orsino getting ready for a night on the town


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