CHW: Some Time to Study…

Ladies and Gents,

We were supposed to have a test yesterday, but a bus cancellation prevented you from showing your brilliance. I’d have you write the test today, but I don’t like having students write tests when I am not around; thus, the test has been moved to Friday.

Today, you will have the majority of time to prepare. To help you cement your understanding of Roman architecture (see what I did there?), I have prepared two short clips for you. The first deals with Roman Roads, and the second explains the importance of the aqueducts.

As you prepare, please remember the following:

You have the choice between the more traditional short test (some mix and match, an identification question, and a 2 short answer questions), or the question about how/why Rome and Byzantium spilt blood. Remember that if you choose the latter, you will be expected to add considerable detail; after all, you know the question in advance…

If you choose to write the short test, you should use the following approach:

  • become comfortable with all of the facts/details outlined in the jeopardy game
  • prepare for the longer questions by reviewing the categories in the jeopardy game and predicting questions based on those categories, or by remembering what we spent some time on in class; if we spent a day or more on a topic, it is probably significant.

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