CHW: Independent Study

What you will do:

  • Over the next two weeks, you will work with a partner to examine an event, period, person, or cultural practice from a civilization of your choice. Your choice must be from the 16th century or earlier
  • You will produce an annotated bibliography that outlines the sources you consulted
  • You will create an activity/lesson that will teach your fellow students about what you studied. Your activity must make connections between a historical school and your topic.
  • The order of presentations will be decided according to topic. Once everyone has chosen a topic, I will do my best to link appropriate presentations together.

What we will do over the next two weeks:

  • We will discuss strategies that will help you plan an ideal activity
  • You will work with your partner to plan your activity
  • You will conference with me to ensure that your project is headed in the right direction

Potential Topics

Potential Formats

Historical Schools

Potential Cultures

  • a pivotal battle
  • warfare strategies of a particular culture
  • a great historical figure
  • the beliefs of a particular culture
  • the art of a particular culture
  • the ceremonies of a culture
  • legal structures of a culture
  • innovation from a particular culture
  • the rise or fall of a particular culture


  • an interactive demonstration
  • a lecture
  • a visual presentation
  • a game
  • a re-enactment
  • visual presentation


  • Great Man Theory
  • Radical School
  • Marxist School
  • Hegelian Dialectic
  • Great Forces
  • Feminist Theory


  • Chinese
  • Viking
  • Aztec
  • Russian
  • Celt
  • Mongolian
  • Mayan
  • Inca
  • Feudal Japan
  • European
  • African


Today, let’s start by becoming more familiar with some Historical Schools.


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