3M: Welcome to the Big Leagues, Kids

Big and Little by Joel Dinda,   via Flickr.
Big and Little by Joel Dinda, via Flickr.

Welcome to the Big League, Kids.

In the big leagues, facts aren’t enough. See, the players in the big leagues eat, drink, and sleep theory; try to impress them with a few tidbits about Actium, and they will send you right back down to the farm team.

If you want to stay in the Bigs, you will need some big ideas. Sure, you may know something about the Great Man Theory, but that isn’t enough. Luckily, you are about to learn about a few theories today.

What you will do:

  1. You will choose one of the theories listed below.
  2. You will choose one person, event, or era from the course that matches the theory
  3. You will write a 3/4 page detailed explanation of the connections between the theory and your choice.
  4. You will explain your argument to two other rookies (I mean students).
  5. After listening to another student’s argument, make sure you provide specific feedback; if they missed something that a clutch player would include, make sure you help them out.
Great Forces Theory  I like to think of this as the antithesis of the Great Man Theory. While the Great Man Theory is concerned with “one” (a leader, a general), the Great Forces Theory is concerned with those things that are difficult to quantify. Great forces may include diseases, changing weather patterns, and even ideas. The Black Plague
Hurricane Katrina
The spread of Christianity
Hegelian Dialectic  Hegel argued that history is the continual clashing of opposing forces. As the forces clash, something new is created; this “new” thing is confronted by another force, and the process repeats.Thesis vs. Antithesis = synthesis the Reformation
World War II
The Quiet Revolution
 Radical School  Simply put, the members of the Radical School tend to question traditional interpretations because history has been written by the “winners”; thus, these traditional interpretations cannot always be trusted.Think of it this way: how would the events of World War II, including the Holocaust, be remembered if the Nazis had been victorious?  The death of CleopatraThe Greek view of the Persians
Marxism  Karl Marx accepted Hegel’s assertion that history is a series of ongoing conflicts. However, Marx argued that, at their roots, all of these conflicts have been about class. According to Marx, history is a long series of class struggles between the rich and the poor, those with power and those without.  Patricians vs. PlebsGreek slaves

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