CHW: The Fall of Rome

Stage 1: Research

  • Let’s begin with the fall of Rome. You will consult at least 3 sources that provide explanations for Rome’s fall. Consulting three different reliable sources is important because there are numerous reasons why Rome fell (last time I checked, historians are still arguing about the top 5).
  • Make sure you write down the author/site name for each source. This is not a bibliography, but you will need this information for the stage.
  • Once you have briefly summarized 4 reasons in your notes, I’d like you to choose 1 key reason that outweighs the others. What explanation do have for your choice?

Stage 2:

  • you will be teamed with 3 other students
  • we will use the instant star structure to have each of you explain one of your reasons for the Fall of Rome. Make sure you begin by specifically naming the author and source you consulted; consider using verbs like “argues”, “states”, or “contends”.
  • If the instant star chooses the same reason as you, remember to add anything the instant star does not include.
  • Finally, we will share our key reasons for the fall of Rome using the same instant star format.

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