3U: Discussion Day!

  1. Arrange yourselves into groups based on the novel you are reading (3-5 per group)
  2. briefly describe the activity you completed to one other person (1 minute per person)
  3. write down 3 questions, predictions, or talking points based on the other person’s description; these might help you generate questions during the discussion. (3 minutes)
  4. take turns reading your entire activity to the group. After a student has finished reading, make sure you provide some commentary. This can include the questions, predictions, or talking points from the last step; remember, our goal is to learn more about the novel, so make the most of these discussions.
  5. Once everyone has read their work and conversation has been exhausted, you need to come to a consensus about the key ideas expressed the discussion.
    1. One of the key components of active listening is restating what the person said. Thus, I’d like you to take turns summarizing at least one key idea/fact/detail expressed by someone else
    2. Make sure you write down these key ideas for future reference. (remember, you will be able to use these ideas and your notes in the tutorial).

Any remaining time should be dedicated to reading.


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