CHW: The Olympiad

Our next evaluation is the Olympiad. Sometime next week, we will hold our Olympiad in the school gymnasium. Here are the basics:

    • You and 2-3 other students will be responsible for one event/section of the Olympics games
    • Your group will recreate the event for the rest of the class and explain its rules, purpose, and structure.
    • Each student will also create an annotated bibliography that outlines the research conducted. This step will be explained to you today.
    • Each student will be evaluated separately.
    • You can learn how to write a bibliography in the Chicago Style here
Opening ActivitiesBoxingChariot RacingPankration

Running (armor)


DiscusJavelinReligious EventsOdysseus and the games

You will use the remaining time to work on the Annotated Bibliography component of your assignment. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Learn360 has a very useful video about the Ancient olympics, found here.
  • This article is here; it should be very useful for javelin and discus demos.
  • Use the databases, google scholar, or the trick to find useful sources. Do not rely on simple google searches.
  • Consult your olympics rubric III: the revenge for the details about your Annotated Bibliography

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