CHW: Historians of Middlesex, Warriors of Greece

Are you a historian or a warrior? Let’s find out today.

Option 1: Historian

Your goal today is to become an expert about one aspect of the Persian Wars. Quickly scan the sections in the text listed at the end of this blog entry. Choose one you wish to examine in detail.

You may use any sources, including my books and the internet, to aid in your research.

Option 2: Warrior

Today, you assume the role of either a Spartan or an Athenian hoplite during the Persian Wars. You will write a series of journals outlining your experiences in the crucial battles of this monumental conflict. As a nice bonus, you will learn the meaning of the name Kratos (God of War, anyone?).

This is you. Pretty tough, aren’t you? (By Johnny Shumate, via Wikipedia, and in the Public Domain)

Each entry should be roughly 4-5 sentences long. I recommend writing the paragraph immediately after reading a section (much easier this way). Remember that your goal is to understand this content; thus, it is your responsibility to include relevant facts and details.

Write one journal for each topic below. I’ve given you the page references next to each entry.

  1. What exactly is a hoplite? (oops…I can’t remember the page number..). Feel free to include what you are about to learn about Spartan life.
  2. A section explaining Greek unity (119-121)
  3. The Battle of Marathon (121)
  4. Thermopylae (122)
  5. Salamis
  6. Plataea (123)


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