3U: The Other

50 Golden Blogging Tips for Business by Kris Olin, via FlickrToday, we will begin with a mini-lecture about the Other.

  • We will discuss strategies for lectures.
  • We will consider the role the Other plays in literature and life.
  • Finally, we will discuss your experiences during the lecture.

Once you have an understanding of the Other, your group will use this lecture to examine  the Blue Man in detail. I’d like you to track moments from the novel that define him as the Other. In your notes, add a snippet of text, the page number, and a sentence or two of commentary for each point. In the commentary, make a clear connection between the text and the theory of the Other.

Congratulations. You now have a working understanding of the Other. I’d like you to apply this understanding by rewriting Eddie’s encounters with the enemy while he is serving in the army:

  • You will tell the story from the enemy’s perspective.
  • Make sure you include specific events from the narrative; this will help you construct your own version of events. Remember, however, that the captors will see this events very differently than Eddie. Are they protecting their families? Are they worried that more “invaders” are on their way?
  • I’d like your version to be 1 1/2 to 2 pages long. You will post your work on your blog.

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