3U: Commenting on Each Other’s Work

Another Subversive Comment by Duncan, via Flickr
Another Subversive Comment by Duncan, via Flickr

Today, we will comment on each other’s blogs.

First, we need to set up our blogs so that others can comment on our work.

The rules for posting comments:

  • begin with a positive, specific comment. Stating that “I really liked your blog entry” is nice, but it doesn’t tell the reader why you  liked the entry. Instead, try something like “This satire is really effective; the exaggeration at the end  emphasizes your argument.”
  • identify something specific that needs to be addressed. Be specific, but also be kind. “Your sentences are terrible” won’t work; instead, start your comment with a word or phrase that softens impact, such as “I noticed that…” For example, I noticed that some sentences have the wrong form of “there/their/they’re. 
  • provide a next step that will help your peer elevate his/her work. This could include taking a look at a grammar rule, considering another point of view, or clarifying a point of view.

You must read and comment on the work of four other students. If you are unable to access your email/blog, pair up with someone who can, and author the comments together.


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