Nuts and Bolts: Everything You Will Need for Office 365

This blog entry will help you get the most out of your Office 365 (email) account. Tonight, you will:

  1. add a few customized links to your account
  2. add other students (and me) to the list of those people who have access to your blog (click here now!)

Adding Customized Links

The advantage of adding customized links is that you can get quick and easy access to sites that you use regularly. Tonight, I want you to add my wordpress blog to your customized links (please consider adding links to blogs owned by your other teachers).

edit links 1

edit links 1a

edit links 2


Blog Permissions

Please note that when we set these permissions, we will be adding your classmates, NOT all users

Setting Blog Permissions

These steps will allow your classmates (and me) to comment on your blog

Enabling Blog Posts


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah Morin says:

    I forget my student email for Office 365…I know the password, just not the email.

    1. jimpedrech says:

      Your email is your student number +

      Hope this helps!

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