3U: Gangnam Style

Gangnam by Yoshi, via Wikipedia
Gangnam by Yoshi, via Wikipedia

Today, you will examine a piece of several examples of satire in detail. Tomorrow, you will present your findings to the class (oh…and please remember to have your own example of satire ready for tomorrow).

First, I want you to experience the inner workings of satire. Let’s see how the video Gangnam Style, featuring one of the most popular (yet reviled) songs in recent memory, is actually a satire of life in a rich district of Korea.

Next, I would like you to find yourself a partner. Once you have partner, Ms. Mendonca will give you and your partner two different satires (you and your partner CANNOT read the same satire). In your notes , please explain your satire using the same approach you used yesterday. Here are the questions:

  1. What is the object of the satire? (the thing/person/group being ridiculed). Note that this article may actually be satirizing two groups.
  2. Identify a few key statements that indicate this article is satirical (remember: look for sarcasm)
  3. Find any examples of hyperbole (if any)
  4. As a satire progresses, it tends to become more ridiculous until it reaches a moment of truth/honesty. Explain how this particular article follows this model.

Once everyone has finished the questions, Ms. Mendonca will arrange the class into two large groups based on the satire you read. Your group will compare/contrast their responses to the questions, making sure that everyone in the group understands the satire

Once the group phase has been completed, you will meet with your partner. You and your partner will use the remaining time  to explain the satire you read to each other.


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