CHW: The Museum of Egyptology (Strathroy Section)

gamingToday, the Museum of Egyptology  opens its new campus in Strathroy.  Sadly, however, higher ups at MESS forgot one important step: the hiring of a staff. Because of my close association with the museum (and my undying trust in all of you) I have graciously offered your historical services to the Museum for the day. Your pay, you ask? Why, you will be paid in experience. Enjoy.

The Job Description

  • MESS admin demands that all employees be able to identify the Faiyum and explain a little about the basic geography of Egypt. I’d look in your textbook…
  • Next, admin wants employees to form small groups and to choose a topic from the ones provided. Make sure you learn a little more about the topic by consulting the CHW 3M toolkit on this blog.
  •  The Museum technically isn’t finished, so the Museum will have to use our classroom and the adjoining halls to keep the museum visitors occupied.
  • Finally, you will have to prepare a short explanation of your relics/display for visitors.


The Big Picture: your first assignment is a tutorial about ancient Egypt. Think of a tutorial as an open discussion in small groups; the discussions will be recorded and evaluated.  Anything we do in class can be used in the discussions; this includes the things you will learn today.


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