CHW: Longevity and Genius

On Friday, we played video games about Egypt. Today, we return to something more traditional. But first, puppies.

Your goals for today are:

  • to understand the basic differences between the Old and Middle Kingdoms
  • to understand how the Imhotep contributed to Egyptian culture

in the second half of class, we will consider the opening moments of this video: If you pay attention, you will see an actor who was in the original Robocop and the last Star Trek film.

First, however, let’s talk about how you will approach today’s work. You can certainly use the ol’ ” set of questions” approach and turn the points above into questions. However, you may also arrange this information in point form, a chart, or any other format you wish. The pages you need to consult are on pages 56-58, starting at the Rise of the Nation of Egypt.


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