CHW: Gaming and Egypt

Today, you will expand your understanding of Egyptian society by playing three games online.  Two games should take you roughly 10 minutes each, while the third (pyramid challenge) might take a little longer.

Some guidelines

  • Because we only have 18 computers today, some of you will need to pair up. Sorry. Try not to hurt each other.
  • At the end of each game, add relevant details to your notes. This can include facts (such as the substances Egyptians used to build pyramids), but also observations/questions (why did the Egyptians dedicate so much time to burial?)
  • Please note that there is an important difference between a fun activity and an engaging activity. While I hope you enjoy these small games, remember that the goal of these games is to help you understand life in Egypt.

The Games

The Pyramid Builder

The Mummy Maker

The Land of the Pharaohs ( a game designed in this very class at HCC)


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