CHW: SPEAR (with a G)

Today, I want to introduce a new acronym to you. I am quite proud of this acronym (primarily because I invented it). On the upside, your ability to use this acronym effectively in class will earn you my undying respect; on the downside, using the acronym outside this class will only get you strange looks because, frankly, no one else has heard of it before.

Oh well.

Anyway, we will use this acronym to track our understanding of civilizations. If we do this well, it should guarantee that you have a well-rounded understanding of the cultures we study:


I’ll give you five minutes to assess any society of your choice according to this acronym. The society can be our own or one you know fairly well; you can also choose societies from film, tv, or video games. Some possibilities include Elves from the Hobbit, the Nords from Skyrim, or those blue people from the movie Avatar (you know who I mean).

Next, we will attempt a short lecture about Ancient Egypt. I’ll explain the basic rules of a lecture for you.

Finally, we will briefly consider the geography of Egypt. Why? I couldn’t figure out how to work the letter G into SPEAR. Sorry.


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