CHW 3M 2013: the Big Question

Here is the big question from last year’s exam.  Plan out a response to this question; make sure that you begin with lessons we could learn from Rome:

Saving the Future by Examining the Past

The incredibly complex issues that have plagued the world over the last decade—ethnic conflict, greed, economic disparity, poor leadership, and injustice—have proved to be too much for world leaders. In a moment of surprising clarity, the leaders of the world have descended on room 221 at Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School to learn anything they can from you.

In an essay featuring at least 5 paragraphs (including the introduction and conclusion), provide a series of lessons for world leaders based on what you have learned this semester. Possible subtopics include (but are not limited to):

  • What kind of leader is best in troubled times?

  • Is it better to placate the masses or pursue real, meaningful reform?

  • What are the dangers of ongoing conflict between ethnic/religious/political groups?

  • How can laws create stability (or great turmoil?)


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