ENG 3U 2013: Filmmaker for a Day

Yesterday, we discussed the history of television. Today, we switch to filmmaking. We are not, however, going to watch examples of good filmmaking; instead, we will make examples.

You and and a small group of your peers will make a short scene (30 seconds at the most) from a film. Do not think of the scene as an entire story; think of it as one small component of a much bigger narrative.

A Quick Overview

  • Decide on a genre for the film. This will help you create the appropriate mood for your scene.
  • Choose the kind of scene that you might see in this genre of film. For example, if your film is an action movie, you might choose a fight sequence or a chance scene.
  • Create a really quick storyboard for your scene. Your scene should have at least 4 different camera shots; some scenes, like a fight sequence, will have many more. Please note that unless your phone allows you to edit footage, you will probably have to shoot the video in sequence.
  • Shoot your scene!

Camera Angles

  • low angle
  • high angle
  • close up
  • extreme closeup
  • two shot
  • mid shot

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