ENG 3U 2013: You Are the Center of the (Advertising) Universe

Today, you will watch a video called the Selling Game. This documentary explores how advertising has been changed by social media and the consumer. Once the video finishes, write a paragraph in which you answer one of the following questions:

  1. Should advertisers who make ads that blur the lines between commercial and home-made videos (ex: Bride With Bad Hair) be forced to add disclaimers to their content explaining its purpose? Why or why not?
  2.  The advertiser responsible for the Bride With Bad Hair compared his work to the Beatles song Hey Jude. What are the differences between a commercial designed to sell a product and a song designed to sell CDs (or mp3s)?
  3. Ethnography is the study of human behavior. In the Moen example, a video camera was actually mounted to shower heads to capture how people showered.  Are advertisers’ attempts to get into our heads (or in this case, into our showers) going too far?
  4. How have your emotions shaped what you have bought in the past?

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