CHW 3M 2013: The Iliad and the Odyssey

Today’s Goal: to understand how the Iliad and the Odyssey reflect Greek values by examining a small part of these narrativesTroy1

There are two ways you may approach today’s task:

If you wish to work individually, you may examine one of the following myths in detail. Next, write a one-page response in which you explain the myth (1 paragraph), and explain how the myth reflects Greek culture and values (though there are many sources that will provide you with some insight, you can infer the cultural significance, too):

  • the golden apple
  • the death of Hector
  • the abduction of Helen
  • the story of the Trojan Horse

If you wish to work in a group, you may continue with the skits you began planning before the break. Here are the choices…hopefully, you remember yours:

  • A gossip tell-all show (TMZ, perhaps?) outlining the complex role of Helen and Briseis in the stories.
  • Academy award-like coverage of the beauty contest that sets off the entire conflict. Perhaps even Greece’s Next Top Goddess? Looking up Paris and the Golden Apple should help you.
  • A CSI inspired investigation of the Trojan horse. How did the Greeks really get in the city?
  • An eye-witness news report of  the death of  Achilles
  • A Dr. Phil-inspired show about the family of gods behind the struggle. Why can’t these divine family members get along? (This needs to be a bigger group)
  • A comedy skit in which two warriors, Diomedes and Glaucus, exchange insults before battle, only to realize through some zany mix-up that their grandfathers were friends.




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