ENG 3U 2013: Reading Schedule and other matters

The table below outlines the pages you must have finished by the end of the day. For example, your goal today is get to at least page 25 in the novel.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Feb  25th to Mar 1st  1-25 26-55
Mar 4 to Mar 8th   56-80  81-103   104-128  129-153


Once the class has read the first 25 pages (which, honestly, won’t take you very long),  each group will examine one of the following elements of the opening chapters:

  • What kind of man is Eddie?
  • The impact of the time references on the reader (The End, minutes)
  • Today is Eddie’s Birthday (including content and form)
  • The Journey (structure, style, content)
  • Commentary from the author (when the author seems to be talking about humanity in general, not just the characters of the novel)









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