ENG 4U 2013: Your (Theoretical) Brilliance

Today, I’d like you to present your findings about Literary Schools to the rest of class. The order of presentations will be:

  • Dramatic Construction
  • Psychoanalytic Criticism
  • Marxist Criticism
  • Postmodern Criticism
  • New Historicism
  • Feminist Criticism
  • Archetypal Criticism

The audience must add key ideas to their notes. You will need these details for several tasks this semester, including your very first assignment. Any remaining time can be dedicated to reading; please note that those students who requested Ready Player One can pick up a copy off my desk.

For Homework

For Monday, make sure you consume at least one piece of media (a tv show, a movie, a video game). As you consume this media, consider its content through the lens of one of these literary schools. Write down point-form observations about this media text. Here are some examples:

  • Watch the Bachelor through a feminist lens
  • Watch Once Upon a Time, focusing on Archetypes
  • Watch any show involving mental illness through a Psychoanalytic perspective
  • Watch a game show like the Price is Right from a Marxist perspective

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