ENG 4U 2013: A Day to Catch Up, A Day to Produce

Due to bus cancellations and my PD obligations, our days have felt a little piecemeal. Thus, we need to dedicate today to the following activities:

  • We need to finish our one on one conferences about your first piece of writing (induction and deduction)
  • I need to collect your introductions from the first week. I had hoped to do something different with them, but to quote a former English department head, tempus fugit.
  • You need to ensure that your Mundane Task has been posted, and that you have commented on at least one peer’s work. If you have not received feedback from a peer on your blog entry, please post a comment on this blog entry; I will provide feedback to your Mundane Task myself.
  • You need to provide me with some feedback about the novel you read yesterday. Are you happy with your choice? Tomorrow will be the last day to change, so…

Today’s Big Task

You need to continue your work with the literary schools. Tomorrow, your group have 5 minutes to teach the rest of the class about your findings. Your teaching will include:

  • A formal definition of the term (think of a textbook definition)
  • an informal definition/explanation (how would you explain the literary school to a friend who didn’t “get it?”)
  • 4-5 key points about the literary school that will help your peers understand how to examine a text through this lens.
  • one detailed explanation of how this literary school can be applied to a story that your peers will know. You may choose a famous television show, film, video game, or novel. You may choose a text that you have studied at HCC.

You may teach your peers using any techniques you wish; you may also use visual components.


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