ENG 4U 2013: Feedback, Literary Schools, and Novel Choices

Today, we will accomplish three amazing tasks; I’m sure you share my excitement:

  • we will begin by reading each other’s mundane tasks, and providing appropriate feedback
  • we will briefly examine Literary Schools and share our findings via the blog
  • we will choose novels for our novel study

How to Provide Effective Feedback

Since this is our first attempt to provide feedback, we need to go over a few ground rules.

  • start by identifying 1-2 things that the writer does well. Be very specific; ideally, these specific points should connect to the criteria for the task (organizing the work around a process)
  • identify something that might improve the student’s work. Be gentle. Consider posing this feedback as a question: “You used the verb “to get” a few times. How do you think using more specific verbs might change your piece?”
  • You will each provide feedback to three people.

Literary Schools

Each group will investigate into one of the following Literary Schools. We will publish our findings on our blogs.  First, however, we need to decide how you will approach the task:

  • Dramatic Construction
  • Psychoanalytic Criticism
  • Marxist Criticism
  • Postmodern Criticism
  • New Historicism
  • Feminist Criticism
  • Archetypal Criticism (Northrop Frye)

Novel Study

We need to choose our novels today. We will spend roughly 2 1/2 weeks with these novels; please choose carefully.


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