ENG 3U 2013: Satire

Your goal today is to write a 200-word satire about the subject of your choice. Let’s quickly review your criteria:

  1. Satire is the attempt to use humour (and irony) to point out flaws. Thus, you need to choose a subject that has flaws worth pointing out.
  2. Create a list of 4-5 of the subject’s flaws.
  3. Write your 200 word satire, ensuring that the literal meaning and the inferred meaning are different.  For example, I might write that “Students who swear openly in class should be praised for their creative use of language.” Clearly, I don’t think we should praise students for swearing openly in class; thus, the literal meaning (we should praise students who swear) and the inferred meaning (students who swear shouldn’t be praised) are different.
  4. Satire works best when the exaggeration (or the hyperbole) increases as the satire continues. Thus, consider saving your  best bit of satire for the end of your piece.

Potential Topics (you are allowed to choose your own, as long as the satire is not about anyone we know personally)

NHL Lockoutprofessional athletes

high school (remember: do not satirize anyone we know)

our addiction to technology

the music genre of your choice

reality television


celebrities (or fans of celebrities)politicians and/or the government

the gender of your choice (be careful)

fashion trends

smoking (or any unhealthy habit)



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