CHW 3M 2013: The Big Picture

Over the past few days, you have gathered facts from several sources, including the textbook, videos, and games. Today, we need to place these facts in an appropriate context.  But first…puppies.

Each group needs to lay claim to one of the following topics. You will have five minutes to quickly review your notes and add your findings to the board:

  • Pyramid building (architecture)
  • How geography shaped early Egypt
  • How the Old Kingdom formed
  • Mummification
  • The people, including Imhotep (anything about the lives of people; the Land of the Pharaohs might be useful)

Following this brief overview, we will conduct a brief lecture about some key concepts I need you to understand. Before we begin, we will go over the structure of lectures and effective strategies students can use to get the most from them.
Time for some skits….

I would like you to teach each other everything we need to know about the role of magic in Egyptian life.  Here is the process:

  • Each group lays claim to one of the following topics: Injury/Treatment, Magicians/Techniques, Protection/Healing, and Curses/the Dead.
  • You will read the appropriate section of one of the two articles found at the bottom of this entry. The topics correspond to the headings/pages of the article
  • All group members will help create a skit that will teach the class about this aspect of Egyptian life
  • The groups will create a list of 5 key points from the short reading they complete. They will share these points with the rest of the class after performing the skit.
  • If you finish your skit early, consider looking for an appropriate background image for your skit. When you perform your skit, I will place the background image on the screen. You may post the link to this image as a comment to this blog entry.
  • You will perform your skits tomorrow. Go!

Disclaimer: Just because the Egyptians believed in magic doesn’t mean that the spells actually worked.  Sorry, kids.


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