ENG 4U 2013: Time to Write

Today, you need to work on your mundane task. Remember you will be posting the mundane task to your blog by the weekend.

To inspire you, Mr. Bouchard will distribute an excerpt from a great story. When you read the excerpt, note that the actions of the characters–a fencing master and the maid who lets him into his client’s house–are quite simple. In fact, if the author had wished, he could have reduced the two pages to the following:

After the fencing master arrived at his client’s home, the maid showed him to the study.

Carefully examine how the author builds a very simple set of actions into something more compelling:

  • he describes the steps of the characters (how the maid, for example, takes the fencing master’s coat and cane)
  • by slowly describing what the fencing master sees, the author controls the pace of your reading

How does this apply to you? Just like Reverte’s two pages, your work from yesterday could easily be reduced to a single sentence.  This single sentence, however, would not be nearly as remarkable as what you are about to write:

  • Describe each step in your mundane process in detail. Consider dedicating 2-3 sentences to each step.
  • Explain what is happening around the character. What does the character see, hear, feel, or smell as these steps are completed?

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