ENG 4U 2013: Reasoning, Attribution, and Blogs

Today, we have a number of tasks we need to complete.

  1. We need to briefly re-examine the video we watched yesterday. While we watch it, I’d like you to think about the kinds of reasoning demonstrated  by marketers, by the NFL, or by those protesting against the superbowl commercials.
  2. I will give you a permission form for your blog. Please have a parent sign the sheet; you can return the sheet to me tomorrow.
  3. Work on the task I assigned yesterday. Remember that your goal is to write a response to the Closing of the American Mind article OR an article from the Atlantic; current articles on the main page of the Atlantic examine the Superbowl, the portrayal of farmers in media, and parenting. Remember your goals:
    • Identify and explain one example of the author’s reasoning (consider mapping out the reasoning using the structure outlined above).
    • Agree or disagree with the writer’s reasoning (if you disagree, try pointing out the error in the reasoning itself)
    • Provide detailed examples that support your view of the writer’s work.
    • Before you write your page-long response to the article, let’s consider some verbs that might be useful:


  1. Create your blog at www.wordpress.com. This useful tutorial features a video explanation; I suggest starting with this.
  2. Follow the LDCSB elearning link. In the discussion forum for this course, post your blog username and your blog address. Do not post your password.

Later this week, we will look at the following:

  1. I will show you set your blog to private.
  2. We will examine how to create a blog entry: http://en.support.wordpress.com/create-content/

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