ENG 3U: The Sight Passage on the Exams

On the exam day, you will be given an article that (hopefully) you have never seen before. You will read the article and answer 4-5 questions. The entire process should take you roughly an hour.

The questions on the exams have something to do with the topics below. We will use the review days to refresh our understanding of each topic:

identifying and explaining rhetorical devices

  • Rhetorical Question: a question that the speaker does not expect to have answered by the listener, perhaps because the answer is obvious
  • Anaphora: beginning a series of sentences with the same sounds/structures
  • Enumeratio: a list used to emphasize a point
  • Distinctio: redefining something in a way that shapes the argument
  • Hyperbole: an exaggeration intended to emphasize an idea
  • Allusion: a reference or comparison to a specific person, place, or thing (often Biblical)
  • Metaphor: a comparison in which one thing is said to be another. (He was a rock, unmoving and immutable).
  • Simile: a comparison in which one thing is said to be like another. (He was like a rock)

The following are specific to the Period 1 Exam:

  • identifying the style of introduction used by an author (general to specific vs. anecdotal)
  • explaining how to structure a comparative essay
  • explaining and modelling feedback strategies discussed at the beginning of the year
  • Malvolio
  • identifying satire

The following are specific to the Period 4/5 Exam:

  • explaining how the style a writer chooses is well-suited to his/her topic
  • a taxonomy (NOT a taxonomy essay…just a taxonomy)
  • love in Twelfth Night
  • love in the novel you studied independently

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