ENG 3U Review: the Essay Component of the Exam

ENG 3U students will write the essay component of the exam on Tuesday January 22nd. Students will choose between two essay questions; the morning and afternoon classes will have different choices.

Here is the essay rubric.

When you face a comparative essay on an exam, make sure you do the following:

  • quickly brainstorm any relevant details from both texts (5 minutes)
  • create a skeletal outline for the essay, including the thesis (5 minutes). Make sure that your outline includes basic ideas for your topic sentences.
  • write a 3-4 sentence introduction that leads to the thesis. The general to specific approach isn’t mandatory, but it is usually the safest approach.  Remember: because you have far less time to write an introduction on an exam, the expectations for your introduction are not as high. Thus, don’t spend more than a few minutes on your introduction.
  • Follow your outline. You can certainly add more ideas as they occur to you, but make sure that you remain focused on your outline.
  • Leave yourself a few moments to write a conclusion. Remember that conclusions often mirror the introduction; thus, the safest approach is to restate your thesis, and move the reader to more general comments.

Today, we will prepare for the essay component of the exam by quickly reviewing the Five People You Meet in Heaven and Twelfth Night. Each group will need to choose one of the following, and brainstorm any relevant ideas:

Five People You Meet in Heaven Twelfth Night
Key characters Key characters
Key events Key events
Key theories/concepts Key theories/concepts

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