CHY 4U: Negotiating the Future Based on the Past

Justice via Flickr, by Mike Gifford
Justice via Flickr, by Mike Gifford

Today, you will be organized into one of three groups: the government, the corporations, or the workers. Your goal is to participate in a mediation process during which you will agree to appropriate working conditions and terms for your third world nation. In particular, you will negotiate the conditions in your nation’s Export Processing Zones.

Here are your steps

  • read the short piece about Export Processing Zones
  • with your group, create a list of points that explain how your group (workers, gov’t, or the corporation) feel about the EPZs
  • Use what you know about the Industrial Revolution to supply support for your claims. Look for specific references from the past that will help you predict potential problems/solutions.
  • You may also use your PEDs to find out more about EPZ. Please write an facts you discover on the board.

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