ENG 3U: Rubrics and Conversations

Because you are a bright bunch, you have probably noticed that I am not in the room. Good for you. It is precisely this kind of observation that will ensure your success in the future.

First Half of Class

You need to create your rubric. As you can see from the handout provided, you need to add content to the Knowledge and Application categories.

  1. We will begin with a short video about the rubric (Overview of Rubric, bottom right corner). I apologize to those who hoped that my absence meant that they would be free from my voice for a day.
  2. You create your sections of the rubric. Please use pencil.
  3. I will review your rubrics tomorrow to ensure that they meet our requirements.

Second Half of Class

You will watch two videos about conversation and confidence. Please note that there are direct connections between these videos and the Communication section of your rubric.

  1. You will watch both videos twice. In your notes, track the advice outlined in the videos. The first video is called How to Talk to People.  The second video is called How Can I Look More Confident?
  2. Work with a partner to create a short conversation skit. Make sure that the skit you create meets the criteria outlined in step 1.  Pay particular attention to those items that are also on the rubric, such as eye contact and active listening.
  3. Perform the skit with your partner. Watch your partner carefully; is he/she meeting the requirements outlined in your notes?
  4. On Friday, you will perform your skit in front of another pair of students. They will provide you with written feedback based on the requirements in our notes.

Conversation Scenarios

I’ve chosen these topics because they will give you a chance to demonstrate some of the skills outlined in the videos, such as active listening.  Choose other topics if you wish, but only if they are appropriate.

  • Try to return a “final sale” item to the store.
  • Confront a neighbour about her excessively loud party.
  • You are at a wedding. During the ceremony, the guest next to you answers her phone. Ask her to put the phone away. (Remind me to tell you a story about this on Friday)
  • Your boss has just told you that your pay will be cut in half.
  • Your friend has just asked to borrow your car, but you have no intention of lending it to him.
  • Tell a visitor who has over-stayed her welcome to leave your house.

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