ENG 3U: Collaborating on the Problem

Collaboration via Flickr, by breĀ pettis

Today, we will do the following:

You will form small pairs/groups in which you will define one of the problems you are examining.

  1. Create a precise, term-based definition. This definition must mimic the style of communication we find in dictionaries.
  2. Define each specific term in your definition. This will help you broaden your understanding of the definition itself.
  3. Define the problem a second time. This time, however, write the definition as if you are explaining the problem to someone who knows nothing of grammar. Use common language as much as possible.
  4. Create one example of the error that you can use to explain your definitions.

Find a new partner (it must be someone who is not addressing the same problem).

As you listen to your partner’s explanation of both definitions, observe the explanation using the criteria below. Once both of you are finished, you will take 5 minutes to send a message in Edmodo to your partner; in the message, you will address each of the criteria:

  1. Watch carefully for eye contact. Is your partner using eye contact to emphasize key ideas or to ensure understanding?
  2. Examine the dictionary definition carefully. Has your partner explained every term?
  3. Listen to the common explanation as if you know nothing of grammar. Do you understand the explanation?
  4. Watch carefully as the student walks you through the example. Did you understand the walk-through? Were any steps missing?

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