ENG 3U: Becoming a Better Communicator

Writing via Flickr, by J. Paxon Reyes

For the next week, we will focus on improving your ability to communicate effectively. We will conclude this week-long focus with a series of conferences starting on Monday, November 26th

The Goal:

  • The purpose of this assignment is to have you create and execute a plan that will help you become a better communicator
  • Because students have different needs, some of the requirements for the assignment will be authored by you. This means that every student in the class will have a unique rubric

The Plan for Today:

Spend 15 minutes looking through the feedback I’ve provided to you so far this semester. Make sure you look at:

  • Any responses I’ve made in Edmodo
  • Comments I’ve written directly on your work (again, look at Edmodo)
  • Feedback I’ve provided on rubrics

Once you have looked through the feedback, I’d like you to choose 2-3 issues you would like to address. Ideally, these issues should reflect patterns that you see in my feedback; for example, if I have identified comma splices in several pieces of work, you should probably choose comma splices as an issue.


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