CHY 4U 2012: Broadcasting the Revolution

Reel Sweet via Flickr, by Adam.Barlow

Today, you will conduct a live broadcast about some aspect of the revolution. You will broadcast from outside the room to the ginormous screen inside. Get ready.

Choose one of these topics:

  • The Storming of the Bastille pg 181
  • The Tennis Court Oath (The Estates-General: A Social Revolution) pg 180
  • The Great Fear pg 184
  • The Government Moves to Paris pg 184
  • Mirabeau pg 185
  • Robespierre pg 185

Quickly identify 4-5 key points from the reading that you wish to communicate. (10 minutes)

Quickly write a script. Choosing a tv scenario (a talk show, a news report) will help you (20 minutes)

Get ready to perform. Be prepared to share your 4-5 points with the audience at the end of your short performance, just in case the class misses them.


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