CHY 4U 2012: Reading Like a Marxist

Today, we will conduct a simple jigsaw, arguably the most poorly named classroom activity ever. Each group will choose one of the following headings from pages 171-178

  • Communities (including Rural)
  • Poverty and Politics
  • Urban Community
  • Intellectual community
  •  Pre-Revolutionary Family,.including Marriage
  • Education

To add a little proletariat spice to the activity, you will read from a Marxist perspective. This means you must look for evidence of class struggles, class inequality, and unequal power structures. In your notes, write 3-4 solid points from your short reading (again, make sure you concentrate on those bits that would infuriate a Marxist).

After 15 minutes or so, Mr. Houghton will ask you to rotate. You know how this works, ladies and gents: one person stays behind as the group moves on to another station to learn more about Pre-Revolutionary France. When you have completed all the rotations, you should have a detailed account of Pre-Revolutionary France from a Marxist perspective, which should come in very handy at your next  pro-Marxist rally.



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