CHY 4U: A Tale of Two Cities

We will begin by discussing Berlin with historian Roger Moorhouse. He is an expert on World War II Germany and its capital. Before we begin, I’d like to brainstorm a few questions based on the topics below. Remember that we can add any other questions we like:

  • the case of serial killer Paul Orgozow
  • the architecture of Berlin
  • war rationing/shortages in Berlin (saw dust in food, coats made of fish skin)
  • Hitler’s popularity in the 1930s (parades, etc)
  • anti-Semitism in Berlin
  • anti-Nazi sentiment in Berlin
  • secret lives during war (listening to British radio, black market trading)
  • youth in Berlin
  • plots against Hitler
  • evidence of the “Banality of Evil” in Berlin

Once the chat is over, we will conduct some preliminary work that will help you understand life in Paris in the 1700s. This is a very necessary step in our preparation for our Salon later this week.




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