ENG 3U: Taxonomy and the Essay

Teenagers via Flickr, by Pierre Metivier

Over the next few weeks, you will complete a series of exercises that will prepare you for your ultimate task: to write an illuminating, articulate, and argumentative essay. Because the next few weeks of in-class time will be dedicated to Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, you will complete these tasks in Edmodo.

Today’s steps are as follows:

  1. Please read the article provided to you as you entered the room
  2. The article contains several rhetorical devices. Once you find an example of a rhetorical device, please stand up and  announce your discovery to the class. Consider sharing your discovery in an English accent.
  3. This article contains many allusions to films and musicians from the author’s youth; however, because you are unfamiliar with these references, the allusions are not as relevant for you. Thus,  I’d like you to conduct research into one of the allusions provided, and explain its use in the article. Please post your work in Edmodo via a note, and not a direct message. 1 paragraph will suffice.
  4. Taxonomy is the science of classification. In Edmodo, please do the following:
    1. Begin by listing, in point-form, your own taxonomy. You have numerous options: restaurants, music, parents, employers, zombies…the choice is up to you.  Do not, however, limit yourself to the familiar and the cliché; make your taxonomy insightful.
    2. Choose one of the classifications in your taxonomy. In a single paragraph, explain the this classification in detail. What defines it? How is it different from the other classifications in your taxonomy?

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