CHY 4U: The Rules of War

Justice via Flickr, by Mike Gifford

Today, we are going to write an outline for an essay. Don’t worry; you are not going to write the essay itself. We will begin with the following question:

What rules (if any) should govern the actions of combatants in times of war?

(Combatants include soldiers, armies, and states)

How We Will Proceed

  1. Use the cue cards provided to make quick notes about any facts, assertions, or ideas you glean from the sources.
    • Dedicate one card to every item
    • Write the source name and the page number at the top of each card
  2. File in at least three cards cars with prior knowledge. This can include bits of information from past courses or, for example, the Total War film we considered yesterday.
  3. Read the article provided. Use the method outlined above to collect any ideas you might have.
  4. Look through your text or online for relevant information. Make sure you gather at least 5 cue cards of information.
  5. We will walk through the remaining steps together. 

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