ENG 3U: Satire

Canada Day Flag via Flickr, by Jacob Earl

Period 1

Today, you will examine two pieces of satire involving Canada. Both of the articles are written for an American audience. Do the following for each article:

  • read it (somewhat self-evident, I think).
  • in your notes, identify the object of the satire (who is being made fun of) and the error the writer identifies. Think back to the “Mapple” example: Apple lovers were satirized for their slavish devotion to Apple products. Remember, too, that Canadian-American relations are an important part of both satires.
  • in your notes, identify 2-3 ridiculous statements that make the satire work, and explain how they add to the satire. Remember that satire relies on increasingly ridiculous statements to drive home its message.

Done? Excellent! Now it is your turn to write a 1-2 paragraph satire involving Canada. Here are your options:

  • how Canada is perceived by the rest of the world
  • Canada’s obsessions (hockey, our fascination with America, Canadian winters, or our politeness)
  • Canada’s exports to the world (products, music, and/or art)

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