ENG 3U period 4/5: Skit

Bird on Heaven via Flickr, by Jonathan Newmann


Ladies and gentleman,

Ms. O’Brien needs to see real collaboration befitting a group of intelligent, capable, and, most importantly, good people.

Before you begin, you need to know the following: I have not sent Ms. O’Brien any plans for Friday’s class. I will send her plans only after I receive any email from her on Thursday night:

  • If Ms. O’Brien tells me that the class worked effectively, then you will have Friday to work on your assignment.
  • If Ms. O’Brien informs me that the class did not work effectively, I will find something more independent for you to do on Friday. Thus, you will have significantly less time to work on the script.If Ms. O’Brien informs me that a few students made collaboration difficult, those students may be removed from their groups. 

20 Minutes

  • The facilitator for the first 20 minutes is the second person listed in your group (see the rubric)
  • Dedicate the first 20 minutes to discussing your findings about symbols, narrative structure, and other elements from yesterday.
  • Remember that you have to organize your findings into one handout. Proofread and tweak each other’s work as need.
  • By the end of the twenty minutes, you need to tell Ms. O’Brien how you will collate this information into a single document.

60 minutes

  • The facilitator  is the third person listed in your group (see the rubric)
  • Begin writing the script. While one student writes, the other students need to collaborate  effectively. This includes finding specific and detailed references to the text that can be worked into your skit.

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