ENG 3U: Speeches and the Other

War and Peace, 2008 via Flickr, by Gluemoon.

Period 1You have a few tasks today:

Pair up with another student. Deliver your speeches to each other (remember your speeches from a few days ago?) When you are finished, provide some meaningful feedback to each other.  Write your partner’s feedback about your work on the back of your speech.

Here is your criteria:

  1. Can you clearly identify the student’s use of  anaphora, distinctio, a rhetorical question, or other rhetorical devices?
  2. How is the relationship between the speaker and the audience reflected in the language?

Pair up with another student, and repeat these steps. Steps 2 and 3 should take a total of 20 minutes.
In the remaining time, Mr. Bouchard will show you the following clip http://americanrhetoric.com/MovieSpeeches/moviespeechcityhall.html at least twice. As you watch, I want you to track the rhetorical devices the speaker uses. Point-form observations in your notes will suffice. (Having the rhetorical devices handout handy will be helpful). NOTE: Remember that an allusion is any reference to a specific person, place, or thing, including figures from history.

Period 4/5

Thanks to the lecture from earlier this week, you have a working understanding of the Other. I’d like you to apply this understanding by rewriting Eddie’s encounters with the enemy while he is serving in the army:

  • You will tell the story from the enemy’s perspective.
  • Make sure you include specific events from the narrative; this will help you construct your own version of events. Remember, however, that the captors will see this events very differently than Eddie. Are they protecting their families? Are they worried that more “invaders” are on their way?
  • I’d like your version to be 1 1/2 to 2 pages long.

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