CHY 4U Readings and Responsibilities

Friday October 26th: We completed a mini-lecture about MEFO bills and the rebuilding of Nazi Germany.

Remember that our presentations occurred during this time.

Friday, October 15th: Total War video (see learn360)

Wednesday, October 11th:  Barbarossa, pages 464-466

Tuesday, October 10th: Annexation of Austria (451 – last paragraph), Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact (456), and Invasion of Poland (457)

Monday, October 9th: We completed a mini-lecture about music in the 20th century.

Thursday, October 5th: We read pages 451-456 and make a timeline. We also watch a video about Winston Churchill, found here:

Wednesday, October 4th: The assembly shortened our day. We shared notes from yesterday’s class work, and added these notes to our own.

Tuesday, October 3rd: Each group worked on one of the following

  • First Five Years (421-422)
  • Great Purge (422-423)
  • Hitler’s War Against the Minorities (427-428)
  • Fascism in Power: The Third Reich (426-427)

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